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Testing & Evaluation

Baume Psychological Services offers psychological assessments for children and adults including:


  • ADHD Testing

  • Full Battery Intellectual Assessments

  • Autism Assessments

  • Personality and Emotional Assessments

For children and adolescents, the first session will be with the child and parent(s) attending. The time allotted for the assessment is determined upon intake and is based on referral question and clinical necessity. Typical assessments last between one and five hours. All subsequent visits will take place with the child alone. However, at least one parent is asked to stay for the duration of the testing. The final appointment is for feedback of test results and clinical recommendations. Feedback is scheduled for approximately two weeks after the testing is completed. Ordinarily, the child does not need to attend the feedback appointment.

Insurance, with the exception of any Medicaid plan, can be utilized for the first appointment/clinical interview as well as the final appointment/feedback session. However, all other appointments that involve testing are paid out-of-pocket. The cost of each testing hour is $260, which includes face to face testing, scoring and interpretation of tests, review of any records, integration of teacher information, scoring and interpreting all parent and teacher measures completed, and report writing. The number of appointments required will be determined by the provider based on the types of tests administered; total cost will be communicated at the intake appointment.

For adult testing, the assessment is typically completed in one or two appointments. Prior to being seen by the psychologist, the client typically arrives early to complete self-report assessments and then spends 90-120 minutes with the evaluating provider that includes a structured interview, testing measures, feedback about the results, and any recommendations.  The client may then choose to sign a Release of Information for their primary care provider to whom the psychologist can send a report within 5-10 business days.  Insurance, with the exception of any Medicaid plan, may be used for the structured interview and feedback sessions, while the client is required to self-pay $260 per hour of testing for time involving testing and report writing.  Notably, the psychologist may recommend a more thorough evaluation should one be seeking academic or workplace accommodations.    

Payment for appointments involving testing is required upfront at the testing appointment. Payments can be made via cash, check, credit or HSA card.  All cards are assessed a 3% admin fee, so we encourage the use of cash or check.

Canceling without 48 hours prior notice or failure to show for a scheduled appointment that DOES NOT involve testing (interview or feedback only) will result in a fee of $45. However, a missed or late-canceled appointment that INVOLVES TESTING will be assessed a fee of $260 per hour scheduled.  For example, a missed initial appointment that involves both interview and one hour of testing will incur a $305 fee ($45 for the interview that would otherwise go through insurance and the $260 self-pay portion for testing).  An additional example is a late canceled two-hour testing-only appointment would result in an $520 fee required to be paid before or at time of the next scheduled appointment.   

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